Red Soil Metal And Iron works has the capabilities and facilities for blasting and painting. Abrasive blast cleaning is most often associated with cleaning painted and unpainted steel. It may also be used with care to prepare concrete and masonry surfaces and to clean and roughen existing coatings for painting. Abrasive blasting is an impact cleaning method. High-velocity abrasive particles driven by air, water, or centrifugal force impact the surface to remove rust, mill scale, and old paint from the surfaces. Abrasive cleaning does not remove oil or grease.

If the surface to be abrasive blasted is painted with leaded paint, additional controls must be employed to minimize hazards to workers and the surrounding environment. The degree of cleanliness obtained in abrasive blasting depends on the type of abrasive, the force with which the abrasive particles hits the surface, and the dwell time.


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