Red Soil Metal & Iron Works is a leading manufacturer and supplier of quality Mobile Shelving System in UAE. Our Company has several innovative products to fulfill the client’s storage requirements. Mobile storage systems are usually constructed with a rotary handle on the exterior accessible face. When rotated, the handle operates the mechanism which winds the single, connected, filing unit either left or right, depending on a clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation of the handle. In an office, for example, several stacks of moveable filing cabinets may be accommodated in a limited space.

Drive mechanisms vary; traditionally systems were offered with chain drive but modern technology allows belt drive systems which provide smooth, quiet operation.


Mobile Shelving Systems used for academic or commercial applications where a significant volume of physical archive material, filing or books are to be stored.


  • 100% increase in storage capacity

  • More efficient use of floor areas with up to 50% potential saving on space

  • Lower storage space costs compared with conventional shelving

  • Access to individual places with maximum use of space

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